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  • We constantly search all of Europe and examine hundreds of pieces before buying one
  • We know how to to buy well, in order to sell at a good price
  • We only buy pieces that satisfy our strict standards and generate strong attraction
  • We only buy pieces with simple but elegant lines and that could look good even in a modern decor
  • We only buy original pieces of high quality and in good condition
  • We only buy pieces that at most would need a light restoration
  • Pieces only get correctly restored in our workshop, retaining the original patina of time
  • Our cost of restoration is higher quality but at a lower cost than the rest of Europe. This is reflected in our prices.
  • Each piece that we sell is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity
  • We can locate special pieces for our clients through our network
  • The more knowledgeable our clients are, the more appreciate our quality and prices
  • We will be trying to transmit our knowledge and experience of antiques though this our web site here
  • We hope we can convince you that buying from us is a very satisfactory experience
  • Our best friends today were clients first!


ANTICUARIUM is a company, specializing in the sale of antique European and American furniture of the 18th 19th and up to early 20th century, as well as Clocks and Decorative Arts. Our main gallery is in an idyllic setting in Santander, Spain, with warehouses in various points of Europe and the US. We are in an ideal location, 2 hours from France and a ferry ride to southern UK. We are the main antiques providers to the largest department store in Spain and we export to the entire world, through reliable and time-tested transporters; packaging is done only by us.

We would like to express our immense gratitude to our great friend and mentor Albert Sack, who in New York during the 80s, inspired us and taught us how to “look” and authenticate antique furniture and above all, appreciate and love these great works of art.

Our experience spans 30 years of apprenticeship under the best in the field, studying, acquiring and selling antiques both in Europe and the US. We still get excited by each purchase, as if it were a new discovery of old treasure. The idea of acquiring a fine piece of furniture is just as thrilling to us now, as our very first acquisition 30 years ago.

Our first impulse to start this company, even before thinking about profits, was our love for these wonderful pieces of furniture, which we consider serious works of art. They are a combination of architecture, sculpture and craftsmanship, virtually irreplaceable today, due to the scarcity of noble woods and materials as well as lack of training and skills for their design and execution. A fine piece of antique furniture represents a piece of sculpture that is not only admired but also used and enjoyed, by us and by future generations. A fine piece of antique furniture enriches our lives. It makes our home or business a more agreeable place to live. It is a feeling that can not be described, only experienced.

Man has tried to surround himself with beautiful art since prehistoric times, as a signal that his society was advancing, reaching higher levels of prosperity, freedom of thought and sophistication. However, the 17th, 18th, 19th and beginning of 20th century were exceptional periods in history when most important pieces of furniture were created. In the most prosperous countries of Europe and in the US, master furniture creators reached levels of sophistication and mastery equal to those of great sculptors and painters combining the best of architecture, sculpture and craftsmanship and created masterpieces that had not been seen before. The finest in design and materials were used, to give such great aesthetic impact that to this day their artistic qualities are felt by both expert and unsophisticated viewers.

The great French architect Le Corbusier once said: “Creation is a patient search”. Discovering the fine points of antique furniture is entering a marvelous world of harmonious proportions, graceful volumes, magnificent surfaces and beautiful textures that is definitely worth “a patient search”. After all, the way we shape our environment says a lot About Us.


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